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Job Status (the job long-term recruitment)
First, the domestic business more than a sales representative
1, with more than 3 months of domestic freight forwarding, shipping companies, logistics, fleet sales and other related work experience, a certain customer resources;
2, good communication and coordination, the flexibility and voice contagious, can establish a good relationship with clients, compression and strong;
3, hard-working, tough character, quick thinking, there is a strong willingness to work in sales, with good adaptability and bearing capacity;
4, have a keen insight into the market, there is a strong sense of professionalism, responsibility and positive work attitude
Treatment: high basic salary commission
Note: Interested parties please attach a photo in the resume, detailed work experience and job content.

Second, the customs business on behalf of the trailer more than
Job Description: 1, on a regular basis to develop business plans, develop business market, business goals with the business manager; 2, by phone / call / fax / network / exhibition contact channels such as the development of customer service about the company, the deal; 3, finishing, accumulated customer information, visit the intention of the customer; 4, maintaining the relationship between customers and companies to achieve win-win situation. Job requirements: 1, education is not a problem, positive, confident attitude, self-motivation; 2, confidence and good customs industry, promising declaration trades; 3, good communication skills, strong sense of time, there is self-management skills; priorities: 1, freight forwarding sales / trade industry experience preferred. Computer-based operations have a certain understanding. 2, familiar with export products, have engaged in relevant work experience, familiar with the export process, own the customer, speaking fluently. Work for business negotiations. 3, familiar plants, foreign trade companies, shipping companies who have relationships in place. Treatment: basic salary commission; (self-care room and board) Note: Interested parties please attach a photo in the resume, detailed work experience and job content.

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